1. The aim of the virtual run is to stay as true as possible to the actual experiences of doing a physical race by having the participants complete the run using predetermined routes within the cut-off times. 3 routes have been carefully designed for you to choose from, they are 15km, 25, 50km. All 3 routes have been plotted with the start/finish point located outside Dairy Farm MOE Outdoor Adventure Centre and the event app will lead you in a clockwise direction through the routes and finish back at the same point from which you started. It’s basically one single continuous loop run of 15km, 25km, and 50km. You are not to start and finish the run at any other locations apart from the predetermined start/finish point at Dairy Farm.

2. The run must be completed within a period of 38 days starting from 0700hrs on 15th October 2021 end ending at 1900hrs on 21st November 2021.

3. The event app, Royo is to be downloaded before you attempt the run. The app will record the data of your run in your chosen category and will end recording automatically once you reach the finish point at Dairy Farm MOE Outdoor Adventure Centre. The recorded data will then be automatically uploaded onto the leaderboard where the results of all participants will be posted once they have completed the run.

4. The run must be completed strictly within the specified cut-off times for each of the 3 distance categories. The event app will automatically invalidate any data that exceeds the specified cut-off times for each of the 3 distance categories and your run becomes invalid, whereby you have to redo the run again.

5. You can do as many recces runs as you like but without the use of the event app. The event app is to be used only for the actual run itself when you are fully prepared and ready to do the race/run within the specified cut-off times of your distance category.

6. The run must be completed in a single continuous attempt within the specified cut-off times and cannot be done in breaks over several days.

7. It is mandatory to download the event app in order to complete the run.

8. If there are any inconsistencies in the data recorded of your run, it will be flagged by the app and brought to our attention whereby we will review the data and get in touch with you.

9. Full details of the event app and its functions will be sent by email to all participants 2 weeks before the start of the event on 15th October

10. You are allowed to either run or walk but it has to be completed within the specified cut-off times for each category. Use of any mode of transport such as bicycles or PMDs during the run is strictly prohibited. Any use of such modes of transports will lead to disqualification.

11. Maps of the routes can be found on the website and on our social media accounts. GPX file formats will also be made available for download into your GPS watch/device which can guide you in navigating the routes while running.

12. You are to strictly adhere to all Covid – 19 SMM directives while doing the run. The organizing entity, King Trail Events Pte Ltd will not be held accountable or responsible for any violations of the SMM directives by you while doing the run.

13. You are also to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities while doing the run on the trails and maintain good trail etiquette. Any participant caught breaking any of the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities will be held accountable for their actions and be dealt with accordingly by the relevant authorities.

14. You are strongly advised to bring along adequate hydration and food to meet your desired requirements while doing the run.

15. You are strongly advised not to do the run during wet weather due to risks of injury caused by falling trees, tree branches, or slippery wet terrain.

16. In situations whereby it starts to rain when you are already in the middle of the run, you are strongly advised to discontinue the run and to seek shelter to wait for the rain to stop.

17. Please do check the weather forecast prior to setting off on the run to ensure it will be dry weather ahead.

18. You are strongly advised to bring along a fully charged mobile phone during the run. For those doing the 50km, we strongly recommend that you bring along a power bank and charging cable if you need to charge your recording devices.

19. Please stay alert and keep to one side of the trails while doing the run to give way for other trail users, especially mountain bikers.

20. Please plan your run well in advance and take additional precautions before, during, and after the run, such as adequate hydration and nutrition to bring along for the run, first aid kits, sunblock, and sufficient rest/sleep, post-run recovery nutrition.

21. Take note that the majority of the routes are on trails and the trails can only be used from 7 am to 7 pm. Night running on trails under NParks is prohibited by law and anyone caught violating this regulation will be dealt with by the authorities accordingly.

1. This is a strictly non-refundable event and no exemptions for refunds will be entertained under any circumstances. After payment of the registration fees, you hereby acknowledge and accept that there will not any refunds generated to you, be it partial or full amount. In addition, there will also not be any rollover of your entry to other events organised by King Trail Events Pte Ltd. However you can transfer your registration/entry to another person one week before the start of the virtual event. Any requests for transfer of registration/entry after the start of the virtual event period will be rejected.

2. By registering for this event, you fully agree to participate at your own risk and fully indemnify the organiser, King Trail Events Pte Ltd and its partners/sponsors against any claim(s), and not limited to medical/monetary, for any health issue(s), and/or death as a result of your participation in the event. The Organiser will not be held accountable or liable for any such medical or safety issues encountered by you as a result of your participation in the run.

3. It is strongly recommended that you get personal liability insurance coverage for the run. If you already have insurance coverage, please check your existing insurance policies for the coverage.

4. Every healthy and reasonably trained runner who has reached the age of 18yrs and above is eligible to participate in the run.

5. Any exchange of T-shirts is to do done at the post-run race pack collection and is subject to the availability of the sizes which you want to exchange. We will not strictly entertain any requests for the exchange of T-shirts after the post-run race pack collection is over. No exemptions whatsoever will be entertained. We strongly advise you to choose the correct T-shirt size.

All participants are required to take note of our refund policy and agree to its stipulations without fail before registering for the race. Failure to do so will not be held accountable against us in any dispute arising from a refund claim made by a participant.

  1. If a registered participant chooses not to enter the race or declares to the Organiser his or her withdrawal on medical or personal grounds, he or she will not be entitled to any refund of the full entry fees. This regulation will not be exempted under any circumstances whatsoever. However, we do allow a transfer of race slots from a registered participant to someone else who has not signed up for the race yet. But any transfer of race slots will be allowed only up to 1 week before the start of the event period (15th October). No transfer of race slots will be allowed after that and all transfers are restricted to one per entry. There will be no service charge for the transfer of slots but please notify us of the details of the transfer done.
  2. We will also not entertain any requests or demands for a full refund or partial refund of the entry fee from a participant after he/she has run the race and regardless of whether he/ she has completed the race within the cut off times. Any refund claims or disputes will strictly not be entertained under any circumstances post-race.